Nudge Workshop

Nudge Workshop – 10th & 11th December 2013

The first nudge workshop was conducted over 2 days. Participants spent the first day identifying opportunities to tackle, identifying users’ behavioural traits, and generating ideas. On the second day, the workshop concluded with test-runs and evaluations of the nudge ideas.

Two Uniquely Singaporean Phenomena were chosen as themes to tackle.

Public Transport Etiquette

1. How might we nudge people not to rush into the train when it is already full?outcome4

2. How might we nudge people to move further into the bus so others can board?outcome2

Hygienic Public Eating Spaces

3. How might we nudge people to not place remnants of their food on the table in public eating spaces?outcome5

4. How might we nudge people to share seating places in public eating spaces during peak hours?outcome3