The overall workshop process is a blend between behavioural principles and the design thinking process. The Centre designed various toolkits and frameworks to facilitate the process, guiding participants from investigations to strategies.

Workshop Process


Here you are able to download the toolkits and frameworks used during the workshop.

Behavioural Cards

This set of Behavioural Cards have been adapted from Brains Behaviour & Design Toolkit and other sources. The behavioural concepts in these cards stem from behavioural economics principles and are used to help us understand why our users behave in certain ways.

The cards are grouped into 2 main categories based on the way we make decisions.
F – Decision Making Factors
S – Decision Making Shortcuts


Behavioural Cards Version 1: Click here

Behavioural Cards Version 2: Click here

Strategy Cards

Designed by Brains Behaviour & Design Group, these strategy cards were designed to help teams brainstorm and design solutions during idea generation. During the workshop, our teams used the strategy cards to help spark ideas for the issues they were tackling.


To download and find out more about the Strategy Cards designed by IIT Institute of Design:
Intro: Click here
Cards: Click here

Nudge & Strategy Sheet

These 2 worksheets were designed to guide designers through the process of designing a Nudge. It helps us frame the problem we are trying to nudge while applying both Behavioural and Strategy cards together.

Nudge Sheet V2-02

Nudge Sheet V2-03

Click here to download the Nudge & Strategy Sheet.


Test Run Guide

The Implementation Toolkit was designed to help guide participants frame their experiments clearly before they carry them out. The toolkit also helps to guide groups to decide together how they will proceed with their test run.

test run guide v2-03

Click here to download the Test Run Guide.