Cheery Rides

Public transport etiquette in Singapore has always been a hot topic. How can we nudge better behaviour in commuters?

A 6 month long study conducted by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, showed that passenger behaviour substantially affects commuters’ travel experience.

One prevalent issue is the hogging of reserved seats. Reserved seats, situated next to train doors, are Reserved for those with needs. However, there have been many incidents where these seats are occupied and not yielded to the needy when they approach.

This led the LTA team to do a major revamp on the new Downtown Line in Singapore. By using larger signs, positive phrases and flamboyant colors, the redesign hopes to nudge commuters to think twice before they sit on the reserved seats.

“Our goal is to make commuters more aware by ‘nudging’ them towards more consideration for each other… [and] putting a smile on everyone’s face.”