Nudge Workshop – 10th & 11th December 2013
How can habits be nudged to create social, environmental and economical impact?

In this two day workshop, participants from various disciplines came together to explore how we can nudge for change in Singapore. The workshop brought together multi-disciplinary teams of experts in the field of behavioural sciences, academics, ministry and change-makers from various industries. Using specially designed behavioural toolkits, participants identified and tackled issues revolving around 2 Uniquely Singaporean Themes; Public Transport Etiquette and Public Food Spaces. Speakers from various fields were also invited to share their expertise and insights on the topic.

The session provided opportunities for multi-disciplinary exchange of knowledge and ideas. Through the workshop, the centre was also able to explore possibilities of applying Nudge in design. By blending behavioural principles together with design thinking skills, we believe the convergence of both skills can help us design better for our users to affect change.


RI Nudge Workshop – 7th November 2014
How might we nudge better habits in students?

In a 2.5 hours workshop conducted in Raffles Institution,  we shared our methods and toolkit with educators to explore opportunities to nudge better habits in students. Using an improvised behavioural toolkit, we dug deeply into understanding of student behaviour, followed by designing solutions to nudge these desired behaviours.